AutoProtekto FAQ’s

Autoprotekto Electronic rust inhibitor offers the highest level of protection when compared to the competition.

Does AutoProtekto offer a warranty?

Yes. AutoProtekto offers Fully Insured No Inspection warranties on new and used vehicles that qualify including commercial and RV. We believe that our warranty program is second to none. We have a full range of Environmental protection warranties designed to protect your vehicle.

See our "warranty" pages for more information on our new and used warranty programs.

What is AutoProtekto Premimum Dripless oil


Does Autoprotekto Rust Protector Drip?

Unlike the competition the AutoProtekto product doesn’t drip after being applied.

Our product is thin enough to get into the seams and around spot welds to work effectively. After the product has penetrated these areas it sets up to provide a protective barrier.